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Cloud Connectivity
WELCOME TO LIGHTSTORM Lightstorm Telecom is India’s first
carrier-neutral cloud infrastructure
platform for the OTT ecosystem.


Slide Focus Experts at MTDC Connectivity
• Our network is carefully designed with key focus on connectivity between Multi-Tenant Data Centres, both within Metros and NLD Network.

• With a hyper-focused Point-to-Point network, our aim is to connect all MTDC locations into one secure network platform within and across countywide metro locations.

• The Lightstorm Telecom network serves immense amounts of data, with better network latency and meets demand for real-time access.
Innovation Finest Fiber Infrastructure
• Lightstorm Telecom provides the best SLA's & Uptime in the industry. Three physical non-overlapping routes from every Data Centre lead to high network availability.

• Partnering with us guarantees zero RoW challenges, and a network that is in no way prone to outages as it is above EHV conductors and uses the best breed of fiber (OPGW & Utility).

• Our network is efficient in real-time monitoring of the power grid and trans-mission system, and provides maximum security from theft and vandalism.
Best in Class Future-ready Functionality
• Our state-of-the art network comprises:
- Next-generation ASON-based solution for the transport layer
- Software-driven architecture that uses cloud-based infrastructure
- Customisable SDN and BoD that give more flexibility to our end customers

• With this “Pay as you need” theme combined with a world-class cloud connectivity infrastructure, Lightstorm Telecom enables and empowers you to “Manage your own Network”.
SmartNet by LightStorm Making Content Delivery, Intelligent

Stats-LTV-mg2-Slider1 7 Metro Cities 105 MTDC partners 10,500 FIBER ROUTE KMs cloud_done 12 TB NLD traffic

Slide Let your content travel
@ the speed of light
with Lightstorm’s SmartNet  all-OFC network.
We will work closely with you to understand your content delivery goals to develop your state-of-
the-art network plan. We will together, uncover and deliver on opportunities that build lasting value.
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